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Article: This is how you SLAY the Airport look

This is how you SLAY the Airport look

This is how you SLAY the Airport look

Just like ours, we’re sure that even your heart races the moment you start thinking of a holiday travel. Be it road trips, train journeys or airport hopping. Vacay travel is always exciting and fun.


While vacations are surely the most relaxing time of the year, but sometimes the long queues and delays, especially at the airport, might play dampener and leave most of us feeling zero chill.


Despite most of us feeling prepared when we set out for the airport, a simple re-think of what we wear while traveling could help reduce further delays at security checks and give us more time for pre-holiday retail therapy or drinks at the bar or chatter with friends.

Here are some broadly bucketed tips for you to consider.

What clothing to wear during your air travel?

Keep it comfortable and practical in a tracksuit, especially if you want to get through security checks quickly. Depending upon which season you’re traveling you may want to pick shorts or full length tracks. In general, longer ones are preferred over shorts, not just for hygienic reasons but also to keep you warm on the plane. Remember knitted fabric products are forever your best travel mates.

Lastly, don’t forget to layer up with a sweatshirt, jacket or scarf in your hand luggage to keep the inside/outside chill at bay.

What shoes to pair up?

We strongly advise against uncomfortable high heel boots – while it’s great fun to watch someone trip and fall but we’re sure you wouldn’t want that to happen to you while rushing to your gate during that last and final call. And if you choose not to run because of you have your runway style shoes on, well you may end up missing your flight. Boots are a no-go also because you’re asked to take them off at security to get them scanned which we know is extra painful.

So what’s the perfect pair to step into holiday mode?

Of course, comfortable footwear outweighs fashion as the first choice. But cool branded trainers or sport shoes could be your pick, ‘coz then you have the best of everything: form x function x fashion. For longer flights you may want to carry an extra pair of disposable slip-ons, in case you wish to take off your shoes.

What accessories and gadgets to carry?

Be ahead of the game when it comes to security checks and don’t piss off the metal detectors with your accessories.

Belts, bracelets, watches and phones etc., all set the metal detector off. Be prepared and slip ‘em into a cool fabric cross body sling bag or waist pouch or fanny pack. You damn sure will save loads of time.

Eye masks, earplugs and headphones… come to your rescue when it comes to cranky children and loud passengers. Lastly better safe than sorry. Carry a hand sanitizer and face mask, you don’t want viruses to accompany you on your vacation.


Airports: The New Fashion Runways for Streetwear Inspired Athleisure

Now that you got your basics in place, here’s how to Ace the Airport Look:

When it comes to staying on-trend and comfortable for your travels, we spoke to 5 travel and fashion influencers to get their best tips on airport outfits. 


  1. Baggy & Breathable

A comfortable T-shirt, maybe a bit baggy/drop shoulders, styled in breathable fabric is the best airport clothing item. And when it comes to bottoms, joggers and trainers/tracks are the favorites.


2. Waist Wraps for Extra Swag

Wearing something light and comfortable is key when sorting outfits for an airport.

However, make sure you tie either a hoodie or a lightweight jacket around your waist in case it gets a little chilly during those early mornings and late night travels plus such styling also adds to your swag.

3. Layer Up

While layering is surely functional and adds greater feeling of comfort, but it makes you look equally stylish. If you got the right attire then travelling to the airport is an opportunity to show off your style. It is a unique experience where you could be the head turner as you meet and interact with a whole range of people from possibly even across the globe, so why shy away from showing off your individual style?


4. Best Buddies

Shades, fanny packs and head gear are your minimal effort-maximum impact accessories.

The key to a good-looking travel outfit is to stick to a monochromatic palette. Shades and caps/hats cover up those tired/sleepy eyes and out of the bed hair, whereas fanny packs, waist pouches or slings add up to the functionality and definitely the style quotient.

5. Be Adventurous

There’s nothing more regretful than looking back at your holiday pics wishing your outfit was cooler, sharper and smarter to match your epic holiday moments. Wear something you maybe wouldn’t usually wear.

Playing either safe or lazy can kill your vibe. Outfit planning is an absolute must-do before flying on your holiday. Play bold and experimental. Trust us, you won’t regret it.



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