Co-ords: The Effortless Combo for the Perfect

Co-ords: The Effortless Combo for the Perfect Occasions

If you often find yourself scratching your head, wondering what to wear for each occasion, you’ve come to the right place. Co-ord sets are the answer to all your questions!

Co-ords are known for their comfort, practicality, and versatility. From keeping you cool in the summer to giving you a trendy look for a party, Co-ords are one of the most versatile fashion choices available. One of the best traits of a co-ord is that they are available in every kind of colour, style, shape, and fabric.


Co-ords have been around for ages, and the trend has been on the rise for quite a while now. They are so effortless and flattering, you might just have seen your favourite celebrity rocking a set in paparazzi photos. They are the ultimate #ProMovement fashion essential.

You can have a chill time on your vacation with the right set of co-ords. Look for breezy light colours and breathable fabrics. A simple half sleeved shirt with a relaxed fit, paired with its matching set of shorts will give you a cool look. You can keep it fun and lively with some busy prints. Complete the ensemble with sunglasses, a panama hat, and some dress shoes or sandals.

Brunch Look

Elevate your brunch fits with a pairing that is laid back and looks classy. A polo shirt paired with shorts or a pair of pants works well for every body type. Keep the colour scheme muted and sober to the eyes. A pair of sneakers, some shades, and a fanny pack would be a spectacular addition to the look.

Party Look

Bring out your colours and be the life of the party with an eccentric and trendy set. The pocket details on our Denim Blue Co-ords will keep things interesting. Keep it fun and trendy with some neck chains and a statement watch.

Sporty Look

One of the reasons why co-ords are so popular and favoured is because of their ability to make you feel incredibly agile, unrestricted and free. You get functionality and style, fit into one. Sportswear vests with shorts are a good option for a game of basketball or burning some calories at the gym.


Co-ords are unbeaten champions of comfortable fashion. They are easy to carry, and they make you feel perfectly content. Our Cozy Cut jacket and jogger co-ords are everything you need to catch your next flight!

Concert Look

Co-ords can be an edgy addition to your wardrobe. Concerts are a place where you can go as crazy as you want. A jacket and pants set would set the bar for a cool, dapper look that effortlessly drips with modern style. You can accessorise it according to the theme: Rock, metal, pop that can be perfect for the concert night.


You might just have realised that a co-ord set is the perfect puzzle piece in your #promovement wardrobe. No matter the destination or occasion, your co-ords will always have your back. Let loose and embark on a remarkable journey with your favourite set.

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