Slaying the Valentines day look

Slaying the Valentines day look:

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With Valentines day around the corner, Cupid playing match maker is nothing new. A month soaked in love, longing and exploration, it can be nerve-racking to nail the perfect look when you’re going out .

 From the boyfriend next door to the neighbourhood crush, we’ve got you covered for the perfect modern meet cute date!

 In the mood for love? Here's what to wear on your date, so you can absolutely look dapper this season of love.

The boy next door charm

Who doesn’t love some charm, right? Our Bowling Sea Green Oversized T-shirt paired with denim jeans and a pair of classic white sneakers can go a long way in bewitching your partner.Layer it up with a button jacket/cardigan to make a statement. Staple but we’re keeping it cool! Add that baseball cap as the cherry on top and oh boy, we can feel the charm!

The pretty boy swag

Pretty boy, bring it on! There’s no bad time for prints and experiments as long  as you know how to pull it off. Our Stand Out Tie dye Orange Oversized T-shirt paired with straight fit black pants, a bucket hat and a fanny pack is sure to make heads turn.Don’t forget to grab some flowers on your way out, for we know it’s sure to bring out smiles.

The oomph setter

A little effort is sure to leave them wanting more.What better than our Street Classic Red Varsity Jacket paired with a pair of ripped jeans to you apart! Layer the jacket over a solid white tee, grab a pair of black shades and oh, don’t forget the cologne! A dash of cologne is said to work its magic and is sure to leave your partner spellbound!

The ‘Mr Perfectly fine'

You’re not everybody’s glass of wine, so here’s something that is bound to take their breath away!Our Unique Star Berly Green Oversized T-Shirt paired with a pair of black jeans and a white baseball cap takes you a notch higher on the hotness scale. Don’t be shy- carry with you some confidence and a box of mints! It’s time to go all out and have fun, you’re in for a right swipe!

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