Step Out in Style by Wearing that Sweatshirt Right

Do you know that you have a secret weapon in your wardrobe?

We are talking about the classic sweatshirt here.

Anything that has ruled the style quotient for more than five decades makes an entry to become the most popular menswear of all time. A sweatshirt can be worn by men of all ages; to flaunt that heartthrob style or to showcase that ageless style.

A sweatshirt when paired right can transform your complete style. It has a casual, but chic athletic vibe to it.

A sweatshirt for men is seasonless and can be worn by men with any body shape.  Above all, it is quite easy to layer, and this is why it is a genuine outfit found in every man's wardrobe.

So, how to wear that sweatshirt right? Let us have a look.

Time to Dress it up

Pick a neutral-colored sweatshirt, without any print or a logo on it, and pair it up with white sneakers and chinos. You can even pair a clean-cut sweatshirt with selvage denim and casual shoes like a loafer. 

If you want to rock that casual yet formal look, pair it up with a coat. Though most sweatshirts for men go well with casual suits, you can look stunning by wearing a bomber jacket or just layering it with a formal overcoat. Take it to the next level by using a jacket or an overcoat with a traditional houndstooth check print.

Try to Dress it down

If you are not a fan of layering and prefer wearing sweatshirts as loungewear, pick a few oversized ones in neutral shades. You can even try sweatshirts with huge logos or in block colors as the style is pretty much "in" this season.

Such sweatshirts can be styled with a jogger or even jeans for that casual, comfortable look. If you are good to try a bold style, you can pair a sweatshirt with a logo with a tracksuit, and finish the look with sliders.

The Classic Grey Sweatshirt

The common sweatshirt that can be found in the wardrobe of almost every man is a classic grey sweatshirt. One need not put a lot of effort into styling this. Just pair it up with white sneakers and chinos or selvage denim. Just this and it will look like you have made a lot of effort into this. This is indeed a perfect outfit for a loungewear or weekend picnic.

Sweatshirts with Big Logos

Do you know that sweatshirts gained a lot of popularity when sports teams from universities wore them to proudly showcase their allegiance? Designers today are doing something similar.

With the wide variety of styles available, you can pick one for that bold streetwear look, or choose with your favorite brand logo and show your love by flaunting your pictures on Instagram.

Sweatshirts with Short Sleeves

Have you ever tried sweatshirts with short sleeves? Well, if you haven't, it is time you give them a try. It is easy to find sweatshirts with short sleeves in two styles. One of them would be the 80s oversized style and the other which has sleeves that resemble a Japanese Kimono.

These sweatshirts are much similar to the others on the list, but the ones with short sleeves bare your forearms.

These work like a charm if you have a toned body, and these can be paired with joggers or denim. However, make sure to pick one in a neutral or a natural tone.

Now that you know a little about styling the sweatshirt, it is time to take out that magic weapon from the corners of your wardrobe and step out in style.

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