Styling Tips: How to Rock a Blue Oversized T-Shirt for a Chic and Comfy Look

Fashion trends come and go but what remains is a personal touch in our style statement.

And so, we all love to experiment with the latest fashion trends in our own way. Over the last decade, oversized t-shirts have made their entrée to the men’s fashion world.

They can induce remarkable style statements if worn with the correct bottom wear.

And so, if you’re on the lookout for a casual style statement with that staple blue oversized t-shirt in your wardrobe, the style tips below will help you rock it.

T-Shirt with Denim

This is an iconic style that will remain no matter how fashion evolves. Denim pants are men’s all-time favourites and one or two will be there in every wardrobe.

If you are a denim person, just go ahead and try this simple look by wearing your blue oversized tee with your favourite denim pants. Whether you are comfortable in sleepers or sneakers, this style will surely help you stay cool and suave.

T-Shirt with Joggers

Next to denim, joggers are extremely popular these days owing to their utmost comfort. Hence, joggers have come out of the fitness studio and made their entrée in street style.

If you have a pair of comfy jogger pants, sport them with your oversize blue tee and hit the street in style. You will surely be complemented by this smart and casual look of yours.

T-Shirt with Shorts

There’s no alternative to shorts in summer because they offer breathability. And if you love to wear shorts with T-shirts, why not try wearing them with your oversized blue tee?

Whether you are heading to a casual date or a beach party, you will rock it in this look. You can accessorize the outfit with a cool pair of sunglasses and a sling bag.

Layering with a Shirt

Some days, the weather is so chilly that we try to layer our tees with a shirt. But, apart from the necessity, if you consider the fashion aspect, this style can bring a lot of change in how you look every day.

Depending on which shirt you want to slip into, the look can be upgraded. If you have a checkered shirt, you can upgrade this look to a semi-formal style.

T-shirt over T-Shirt

It’s the coolest style everyone is trying these days. If you have a blue oversized t-shirt that you want to wear differently, you can wear it over another half-sleeved tee of a contrasting shade to look chic.

It’ll break the monotony of your casual look and give your style statement a new dimension for sure.

Layering with Jacket

Wearing T-shirts with jackets is a very simple and common style statement. And the coolest part is that everyone looks smart in this look.

For the bottoms, you can choose the most comfortable pair of denim from your closet. When it comes to footwear, a pair of white or black sneakers is a must.

T-Shirt over Fullsleeves

If you want to get an edgy look so that all of your friends start complementing your fashion sense, go for a full-sleeved t-shirt under your blue oversized tee.

It not only adds a layer to the outfit but also makes the outfit look more structured. While choosing bottom-wear for this look, go for the most rugged or torn pair of denim you have.

There are wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion. For example, a white shirt and black denim can be worn in various ways to break the monotony. Your blue oversized t-shirt is just about that. So, try these cool styles and let us know how you rocked these looks.

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