10 Secrets to Looking Great in a T-shirt

Can you look stylish and not basic in a t-shirt? Or, should you reserve all your comfy t-shirts only for gym sessions and stick to shirts when it comes to dressing up? 


These are the questions most men have while shopping for t-shirts for men and here we are going to answer them. We are about to share 10 secrets to looking great in a t-shirt and you must follow them.


In every man’s wardrobe, there’s a place for a t-shirt. They might seem very basic at first glance but the reality is, you can look amazing in a t-shirt when you know the secrets to style them up. So, just scroll on as we reveal the secrets.


#1 Know the Dress Code

How you pick the right t-shirt for an occasion is the most important part of wearing it. So, wear a t-shirt in casual events and try to avoid it in the office or formal events that call for the good old suit and tie. Like any other outfit, t-shirts have their own time and place that you shouldn’t challenge always.


#2 Know your Body Type

There are five male body shapes such as rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, oval and inverted triangle. T-shirts can make you look phenomenal when you know which styles suit your body type. For example, polo neck t-shirts look good on men having a lean rectangle or trapezoid body whereas full-sleeved t-shirts suit almost all body types.


#3 Pay Attention to the Fit

Right after the style, the fit is the second important factor that matters a lot when you are flaunting your t-shirt. Though there are many rules of t-shirt fit, you need to check two things. Firstly, it should neither be too tight nor too loose. Secondly, it should complement your body shape without restricting your freedom of movement.


#4 Choose Neck Styles Wisely

There are two primary types of neck styles in men’s tees- round or crew neck and V-neck. So, which one shall be your pick? Well, crew-neck t-shirts are a better option for men with a thinner frame. In contrast, V-neck t-shirts show off a built-up chest and hence, look best on fitter men.


#5 Choose the best Fabric

You can’t go wrong with the fabric if you want quality. In men’s t-shirts, cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blend, linen, tri-blends, bamboo, merino and jersey are some common fabrics. Cotton and linen are the best fabrics among all.


#6 Solid and Neutral Shades

It is always better to stick to solid and neutral shaded t-shirts if you want to add versatility to your t-shirt. Dark colours such as black, maroon and navy blue suit most men and complement the widest range of complexions. White, grey, yellow and green are also some sober colour options.


#7 Look for Versatile Options

When choosing t-shirts for men, you need to keep in mind if they are compatible with the rest of your wardrobe. You can go for interchangeable options so that they can be worn under a t-shirt, hoodie or jacket in winter. That is why you should stick to solids and avoid louder colours or patterns.


#8 Get your T-Shirts Tailored

Every man’s body is slightly different and requires a different fit. This is where the role of a good tailor comes in. If the t-shirt you pick needs a little tailoring, go ahead and find the best tailor.


#9 Fold your T-Shirt Correctly

 It is essential that you fold your t-shirt correctly to save it from creases and bulges. There are numerous video guides available that’ll teach you how to fold your t-shirt.


#10 Wash and Maintain your T-Shirt

Only follow the label of your t-shirt when it comes to washing care and maintenance. Avoid using harsh detergents and drying the t-shirt in direct sunlight.


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