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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Shorts for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Shorts for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Shorts for Men

Whether shorts can be a part of men’s wardrobe has been the most controversial and debated issue over the years. 

Cultural connotations and old-fashioned insecurity have played the most vital roles in determining it. However, if you wanna break free by pairing that piece of comfortable outfit with your choice of upper wear, we are here to support you. 


In fact, best men’s shorts are the most trending outfits that celebs are sporting everywhere. 


So, just go for it without giving a second thought. And for some pristine guidelines, scroll on.


#1 How to Choose Shorts

Shorts, just like any other outfit, comes in a variety of styles, lengths and fits. Whichever style you pick, it should never extend below the knee. If your pair of shorts extend below your knees, it visually makes you look shorter. So, the right pair should always complement your proportion and not do the opposite.

First, go for a pair that hits your lower thigh 2- 4 inches above the knee. Secondly, you should always opt for a sleek pair that has a flat front.

Thirdly, look for a tailored fit one that defines the structure of your legs. Fourthly, make sure the hem width is nicely tapered and defines your legs.


#2 Things to Avoid

  • Skinny Fit Shorts: Tailored fit is not necessarily skinny fit. Tailored fit shorts will accentuate your body structure whereas a skinny fit one will simply ruin it. So, never opt for a pair of shorts that’s too tight.
  • Avoid Oversized Shorts: Unless you are too confident about the look you’re going to set, don’t go for an oversized pair.
  • Don’t Overdo: Some shorts look the classiest and make you look suave. And then, there are the ones that have huge cargo pockets, flap pockets and more details. Never buy those overtly designed ones and just keep it simple.


#3 Inseam Lengths

  • Guys with short heights should go for a short inseam of about 5 inches.
  • Those with average height should look for a pair that has an inseam of about 7 inches.
  • Tall guys should go for 8-10 inches inseam.


#4 Shoes to Pick

Most best men’s shorts look good with casual shoes, be it a pair of sneakers or sandals. But, if you want to know which make the best option on which occasions, here you go.

  • Low Top Sneaker: These are quite in vogue and you can grab them to sport with your shorts for an ultimate street style look. Since shorts make perfect companions in summer, look for a pair of shoes that’s made of breathable material.
  • Sandals: Then comes the most popular footwear that you can hardly go wrong with. Be it flip flops, sports sandals or the newly revamped leather sandals, go for the one that’s sustainable.
  • Loafers: You can style up a semi-formal look with your shorts if you have that perfect pair of loafers. Be it leather or suede, the material should look classy so that it exudes a polished touch.


#5 Fabrics to Choose

As shorts can give you that much-needed comfort during a humid day, it’s important to pick the right fabric. Here are the most common shorts fabrics.

  • Cotton: There is a wide variety of cotton but most of them should provide enough comfort.
  • Blended Fabric: Cotton blended with some other fabrics are cost-efficient ones. If you choose this fabric, make sure you know the ratio.
  • Linen: Here comes summer’s best friend, linen. It’s a durable fabric that looks just awesome and makes you feel super comfy.
  • Polyester & Nylon: These are synthetic fabrics that are apt for exercising purposes.


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