5 elegant accessories men can wear

Accessories can provide a subtle touch that ties an outfit together in a fantastic way. Starting from the regular wristwatch to a diamond ring, accessories can amp your style as long as you wear them right.

While searching for men’s accessories online, you will come across plenty of options but that doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Knowing which ones to wear and when to wear makes a big difference between a loud and a suave look and you know which one you should try to avoid.

Developing a sense of when and how to wear accessories is not as easy as it seems and therefore, we are here to describe their functions so that you can pick the right one. Here is a list of 5 elegant accessories men can wear. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Wrist Watches: The main purpose of a watch is to tell time, but when dressing for some formal occasion, it can fetch many compliments. It can add a touch of elegance to a man’s whole appearance. There are various types of designs in men’s watches and you can pick the right one according to your own style.


  • What’s Trending? : The leather strap watches are trending but the classic silver and gold watches are never outdated.


  1. Men's Rings: Usually, men don’t go to a store to buy a ring and instead, they are gifted a ring as a special gift or from a special event. If you are not a big fan of a ring, there’s no need to add one to your closet. But, a ring can signify something special and make you the center of attraction in any occasion.


  • What’s Trending? : Love bands signify engagement or a wedding; championship rings signify the victory of sports teams and these all are trending nowadays.


  1. Cufflinks: French cuffs are the special cuffs you will mostly notice in the design of formal shirts. These are usually twice as long as regular cuffs and are folded back. Cufflinks can be the ultimate accessory while sporting these shirts. There are plenty of designs and colours available online when it comes to choosing cuffs.


  • What’s Trending? : The one in the picture sums up the look you can try at formal gatherings.


  1. Tie Clip: The main purpose of a tie clip is to protect your tie from being blown over the shoulder by the wind. But, apart from this functionality, tie clips add a classy appeal to a well put together outfit. If you are trying to get a very professional look, you must have one or two in the closet.


  • What’s Trending? : The most popular colours are gold or silver but other colours are also acceptable as long as they compliment the rest of the outfit.


  1. Men's Hats: If you have been thinking that hats are outdated, think again. Although it may have lost its appeal over time, it hasn't lost its style. Besides keeping the sun out of your eyes, it can add a layer of elegance to your overall look. Just as a suit can make a man look taller or thinner, a hat can make a face seem rounder and fuller.


  • What’s Trending? : Bucket hats, snapbacks, Fedora, and Panama hats are the most trending ones in 2020.


  • When is it too much?

The main purpose of any accessory is to complement the outfit, not distract from it or override it. On a formal occasion, most of the men will be wearing the suit. So, the main purpose of the accessories such as the belt, the tie, the cufflink, the watch will be to complement the suit. If you find yourself wearing some accessory that distracts from the overall image you're pursuing, you will get to know that it’s too much.

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