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Article: 5 Sweatshirt Fashion Tips for Men and Women

5 Sweatshirt Fashion Tips for Men and Women

5 Sweatshirt Fashion Tips for Men and Women

A sweatshirt is perhaps the most comfortable outfit in your wardrobe. It can be pulled off on various weathers and occasions, thanks to its versatility. But, do you know the various styles you could easily try with a single sweatshirt? If the answer is a no or maybe, here you go! We have collected some innovative and trendy sweatshirt fashion tips for every stylish men and woman.

The warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you slip on this unique piece of the outfit is the main reason for its high popularity. Especially, people who prefer comfort over trends and those who are into any kind of fitness regime cannot think beyond this simple item of clothing. So, without any further ado, let’s explore some of the unique sweatshirt fashion tips for you to try.

  1. Simple Street Style: If you own a solid or printed crew neck sweatshirt, you can add a shirt underneath to create some flair. As the collar will hang over the top and the bottom will poke out, it will create a timeless casual look.

  • Pro Tip: You can also roll the cuff of the shirt over the cuff of your sweatshirt to add more texture and colour. With this style, look no further than your favourite pair of chinos. When it comes to footwear, you can pick your comfy pair of sneakers or sports sandals.
  • Pocket Pinch: Depending upon the brand, the price may vary from 600 INR to 5000 INR.
  1. The Ultimate Semi-Formal Look: How about pairing your regular sweatshirt with a tee and a blazer? You can experiment with a variety of blazers to find your own style. This outfit can make you ready for an occasion that requires wearing a jacket.

  • Pro Tip: You will definitely be the show stopper of the occasion by carrying a unique style that remains professional. A pair of leather boots and a classy wristwatch is mandatory with this ensemble.
  • Pocket Pinch: The basic range of sweatshirts costs around 600-1200 INR.


  1. The Summer Lookbook: There is no need to keep your favourite sweatshirt away in summer as you can easily pair it with your khaki shorts to get an uber-cool statement. Moreover, if you have a couple of sleeveless hoodie sweatshirts, you can wear it over a half-sleeved tee shirt and choose a pair of cotton or denim shorts to set the look.

  • Pro Tip: For footwear, you have ample options like Crocks sandals, sneakers, flip flops, or casual sandals. If you are travelling, a backpack and sunglasses can be the perfect accessories.
  • Pocket Pinch: Sleeveless sweatshirts may cost around 500 INR onwards.


  1. Get Run Ready: For your workout session, here is what you need. Wear your sweatshirt with a pair of slacks or track pants and complete the look with all sports accessories you need such as your training shoes, socks, smartwatch, and headphone.

  • Pro Tip: Sweatshirts are amazing for workouts since they have unique sweat absorption technology. They will let you stretch or run for long without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Pocket Pinch: You can get these types of sweatshirts for 900 INR onwards.


  1. Where’s the Party Tonight: If your friends are suddenly making a party plan and you need to do a quick style check, here is a great idea. Simply team up your sweatshirt with a pair of shimmery sequin skirts or shiny leather shorts and a pair of glossy combat boots.

  • Tip: Smokey eye, a leather sling bag, and silver accessories will let you take the limelight.
  • Pocket Pinch: This type of sweatshirts may cost around 1600 INR.


Above are some excellent sweatshirt fashion tips for you to set your own trend. If you are looking for the latest collection of sweatshirts to set these styles, you can explore our online store. We at Maniac Life have an exclusive range of sweatshirts for men and women that will look great on any occasion and season. These sweatshirts are crafted of premium quality materials to sustain for a long time if you take a little care. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out our fabulous collection of trendy and comfy sweatshirts to shop online. Hurry up as the stocks are running fast!

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