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Article: 7 Important Maintenance Tips For Sports Tshirts For Men

7 Important Maintenance Tips For Sports Tshirts For Men

7 Important Maintenance Tips For Sports Tshirts For Men

Sports tshirts for men have a distinguished identity in a man’s wardrobe owing to their comfort and unique style.

Whether you’re into fitness or simply love to depict a suave style statement, a good collection of sports tees is a must.

But, the most important part of taking care of your collection is the way you wash, dry, iron and store them.

Hence, we’re going to share 7 useful tips to help you maintain your sports t-shirts so that the colours and fabric remain intact in the long run.

#1 Wash with Cold Water

The first thing that you need to make sure of is washing your sports tees in cold water. If you wash hot water to wash your t-shirts, the fabric will shrink and the colour may fade, which will reduce the outfit’s longevity.

Experts suggest you not wash the tees in water that’s above 30 degrees temperature. This tip is applicable not only for your sports tees but also for most of your outfits.

#2 Use a Mild Detergent

Another important thing to ensure while cleaning sportswear is to avoid harsh detergent. That’s because they contain too many chemical substances, which can damage the fabric and also lead to skin irritation.

You can use a mild detergent instead that’s ideal for washing delicate outfits.

#3 Avoid Bleaching Agents

The reason why you should avoid harsh detergents on your clothes is that some of them contain bleaching agents. These can ruin the colour of your sports t-shirts and also the fabric can be damaged from the bleaching agents. Researches show that bleaching agents can shorten the lifespan of outfits by wearing down the fabric.

#4 Dry Inside Out

After washing your sports tees, you need to always dry them inside out. Drying clothes inside out will help you to keep the colours intact. Also, make sure you dry your sports tees in shade. Otherwise, the harsh sunlight can wear down the colours of your favourite tees. This tip is applicable to all the colourful outfits in your wardrobe.

#5 Don’t Use a Dryer

Experts suggest you avoid a dryer to dry the sports tees because the excess heat inside a dryer can again ruin the fabric and colour.

The best way to dry your delicate sports tees and other outfits is air drying. As we’ve mentioned above, sports tshirts for menneed to be dried in a spot where there’s a shade or the sunlight is mild.

#6 Clean Stains Immediately

If you’re into fitness or sports, you’ll know how common or frequent it is to get stains on your tees. And if you love your sportswear, the worry is quite obvious. Any kind of stain, be it mud, dust or sweat, can damage your outfit if you don’t treat it immediately.

As you get back home, the first thing that you can do is soak the tee in cold water with some mild detergent for at least an hour. Then, scrub the stain gently with a mild scrubber or your hands to get rid of it.

#7 Iron Inside Out

Finally, once your sports tees are clean, ironing them is a personal choice. Some of us love to iron our outfits whereas others prefer not to iron, especially our sportswear. If you belong to the second group, you need to make sure that you always iron them inside out.

That’ll enhance the longevity of your sports tees for sure.

Also, you need to set the right temperature while ironing because the fabric may get damaged if the iron is too hot.

For different fabrics, the ideal ironing temperatures are different, which you need to make sure of.

Now that you know the 7 important maintenance tips for sports tshirts for men, apply them and see the difference.

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