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Article: 7 Reasons Joggers are Most Comfortable Streetwear for Men

7 Reasons Joggers are Most Comfortable Streetwear for Men

7 Reasons Joggers are Most Comfortable Streetwear for Men

From celebrities to college-goers, joggers are on the first page of fashion look books nowadays. 


If you are looking for a pair of stylish and comfortable joggers for men, here are a few tips to narrow down your search. Below are 7 reasons why joggers can be your ultimate choice as streetwear.


Joggers make a perfect companion for all those men, who love casual dressing and believe in being stylish and comfortable. The comfort factor makes joggers one of the best outfits one can choose as streetwear. Moreover, the latest trend of athleisure fashion has changed the way one could imagine being voguish.


So, without any further ado, let’s explore some reasons why you should consider sporting a pair of joggers to step out in style.


#1 Comfort

Joggers are comfortable in the first place. You can wear them all day long and yet feel absolutely relaxed. For this reason, joggers make a great choice as streetwear for men and women.

Moreover, if you are a working professional, you would want to slip into something after a long and hard day that allows your skin to breathe. That’s exactly what joggers do.


#2 Stretchable Waistband and Pocket

The super soft and stretchy fabric of joggers delivers optimum comfort. Most joggers come with stretchable waistbands to provide a snug fit. The stretchable waistbands make joggers easy to wear as well. Additionally, joggers come with pockets that allow you to carry your mobile phone and wallet with ease.


#3 Suits All Body Shapes

Joggers usually have a roomier silhouette that makes them a little less restrictive than leggings. For this reason, joggers make an ideal option for plus sized individuals. However, there is a wide variety of designs that joggers are available in. 


Hence, before you buy a jogger, you need to know which design suits you the best. Some common designs are twill jogger, shirred leg jogger, drop crotch jogger, and hip-hop jogger. You can follow online fashion blogs to choose the one that suits your body shape.



#4 Trendy & Fashionable

The growth of athleisure fashion has created an increased demand for joggers for men. Right now, joggers are very much in trend among the top celebrities across the globe. Fashion experts suggest that they are going to rule the fashion world in the coming years as well. 


Though joggers are mostly worn in athletic settings, they are no longer just for the gym. You can wear joggers anywhere depending upon how you style them up. 

For a simple look, go for a graphic t-shirt and a denim jacket. To give an uber cool statement, sport your jogger pants with a sweatshirt, a cap, and a pair of sneakers. 


#5 Affordable Streetwear

The price range of joggers starts from approximately 500 INR, which makes them quite an affordable option when it comes to choosing streetwear. Joggers can make you look cool if you simply pair them with sweaters or t-shirts and sneakers.



#6 Highly Durable

Nylon, polyester, and cotton are common materials of joggers. Though there can be a variety of quality, a pair of joggers should last at least a year or two, ideally three. Moreover, the way you wash and maintain your joggers properly can increase their lifespan.



#7 Colour for Every Mood

Joggers are available in a variety of shades that you can choose from. If you prefer cooler and classy shades, black, navy blue, grey, white and brown are some suitable shades for you. If you love to wear bold shades, you can choose from red, yellow, green, magenta, orange, sky blue and more.



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