Are You Ready for Spring Summer Fashion 2021?

For the fashion world, the last year has been really quiet. However, this year is going to be bold and stylish.

The spring summer fashion 2021 is all about oversized jackets, flashy bags and sleek face masks.

This post is dedicated to all those teenagers and college goers, who are looking for some uber-cool fashion statements for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

We have collected some serious style inspirations with top fashion trends right from the streets of Paris and Milan.

#1 New Utility

Due to the limited supplies of garment materials During World War II, a new fashion trend named Utility Wear started. Today, utility fashion is one of the most popular choices among designers. From military jackets to all-over safari wear, choose your best companion for the upcoming season.

  • Pro Tip: Basically, next summer it’s all about looking like you're coming out of the apocalypse fighting (pandemic is no less than that).
  • Pocket Pinch: The range starts from INR 1800/- and can go up to INR 12000/-.

#2 Sorbet Pastel Tones

Pastel tones are dominating the fashion scene even this year. Sorbet-inspired colours are the perfect option for summer. These colours not only look extremely classy and soothing, but they also suit a wide variety of skin tones for both men and women.


  • Pro Tip: Modern street wear revolves around rough textures and sober colours such as black, khaki and navy. To look different, you can choose shades like lilac and tangerine.
  • Pocket Pinch: INR 700/- to INR 7000/-.

#3 Nautical

Last season, nautical notes appeared at a number of shows including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and United Colours of Benetton. This season, these tones are going to rule the fashion trend. This style features a variety of shades that you can explore and choose from.


  • Pro Tip: Tuck your nautical shirt into your seersucker shorts or pants and wear a light leather belt.
  • Pocket Pinch: INR 1200/- to INR 3000/-. 


#4 Athleisure

The oversized leisure looks can get you the much awaited transition from the winter to spring summer fashion  You can follow the collection of international brands such as Zara, where there are plenty of hoodies, joggers, and versatile coats.

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  • Pocket Pinch: INR 1200/- to INR 6000/-


#5 Oversized Bermuda Shorts

When it comes to casual wear, bermuda shorts has its own soft-hued summery-ness. Shades such as sea foam, lilac and candyfloss will make you the centre of attraction at any occasion.


    • Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make a statement with your footwear. You can either choose a pair of white running sneakers worn with tube socks or a pair of sandals for a much relaxed look.
    • Pocket Pinch: INR 700/- to INR 2500/-.


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