9 Incredible Men's College Outfit Ideas

College is just like a breath of fresh air right after all those rules and regulations you have followed throughout school life. And when it comes to choosing your own college outfit, here are some tips and ideas.

#1 Keep it Simple

Nothing can beat the ultimate combo of white tee+ blue denim+ cool sneakers. Though fashion has evolved, this look has remained eternal for its classy appeal. In fact, ripped denim goes really well with solid white tees. While heading out, don’t forget to throw your cool wayfarers or aviators on. In winter, you can simply put a denim jacket on.

#2 Smart & Sarcastic

Remember Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Wake up Sid? Yes, we are talking about exactly this look. A graphic tee can completely turn you into a college showstopper when you know which designs suit you. To complete the look, all you need is attitude, attitude and attitude.

#3 Fun with Athleisure

If you are a follower of the international fashion trends, you will know the worth of athleisure. If you don’t know what it is all about, let us explain. This segment of outfit basically includes sports or activewear that are cool and comfy.

#4 Suave in Ethnic Casual

Wanna stand out in a sea of t-shirts and jeans with more panache? Then, ethnic cotton kurta can be your saviour. Simply wear it with a pair of denim and you are all set to enrich in a desi charm. A huge added bonus is the impression you make with your faculty.

#5 The Cool Biker

If you’d like to have that cool biker look all the college girls gush about, here is what you need: a moto jacket in black or brown colour. Look stunning when worn with a casual tee and a pair of dark denim. A contrasting white sneaker can uplift the look further, making you the fashion icon.

#6 Emo Flair

For those who swear by heavy metal music, a pair of unique distressed denim is a must-have in the wardrobe. You can search online for this kind of grey hued denim to get that mysterious loner vibe.

#7 Funky Spree

Cool sweatshirts are always the first choice among youngsters as these are all about flamboyance and comfort. Try this kind of light pink hooded sweatshirt as it will set you apart from the battalion of grey, black and maroon.

#8 The Boho Vibe

For college outfitideas, chinos make an excellent bottom-wear choice. You can choose from neutral shades like black, beige, tan and khaki. These are super stylish as well as the epitome of comfort. If you prefer colourful options, coral and sage green are always there. While styling, make sure you balance the colourful pair with neutral tees and vice versa for the neutral pair.

#9 Pop of Color

If you are really passionate about sporting the latest shoes, go ahead with this kind of colour block sneakers. Colorblock sneakers have recently flooded the Insta feeds and they are going to survive another season for sure. These will let you step into summer with the whole damn rainbow.

Looking for the ultimate ensemble to flaunt your latest colour block shoes in style? You can choose this type of white denim jackets and a pair of black denim. Smartly chosen black & white accessories and balanced pairings are the two essentials to go for a stand out college outfit.

Layering Tees: More than styling or following college fashion trends, these are necessary on any season. You can stock them up in various shades to make your wardrobe look colourful. Layering tees look good with anything from sweatshirts to jackets and blazers.

Apart from getting popularity and freedom, your college outfit can also represent what you aspire to be. Hence, while following these latest trends, don’t forget to add some more elements that would signify your passion.

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