Summer Guide to Beat the Heat with Trendy Vest

It's that time of the year again when you'll want to upgrade your wardrobe with sleek, comfy outfits. 


Cotton and similar fabrics that are lightweight and the most breathable are suitable for summer. And when it comes to the types of upper wear you can sport this season, vests come at the first place in our mind. 


If you agree, go ahead and grab the latest collection of men's vests online right away! But to make your vest shopping a great success, here are some useful fashion tips that you must check out.


#1 Colour-Block Vests

A fashion statement that's ruling these days, colour-block vests will look the best when you pair them with matching colour-block or solid joggers. To complete the look, you need a pair of sneakers. It's a perfect sporty look that's cool, comfy and ideal for long wear.


#2 Solid Vests

If style to you is all about minimalism, go for the solid vests in different hues. On days you want to project a sober look, white, grey or black vests will be suitable options. And when you want to add some colours to your look, red, yellow or cool shades can work the best.


#3 Printed Vests

Today, there are tonnes of options when it comes to choosing printed vests for men. Checking out a vast range will make you choose among tie-dye prints, floral prints, graphic prints and more. Pairing these vests with chino pants and loafer shoes can make you the trendsetter among your friends.


#4 Sleeveless Vests

Summer is the season for sporting cool sleeveless upper wear. Take inspiration from any sports personality and you'll know how to dress it up. And if you want our recommendation, we can think of three-fourth shorts, caps and sneakers.


#5 Full-Sleeved Vests

To save your skin from getting tanned in the scorching heat, full-sleeved vests can be perfect options. You'll get plenty of options while searching for full-sleeved men's vests online. Pairing them with denim and cargo pants can make you step out in style effortlessly.


#6 Hooded Vests

This season, hooded vests are also very much in vogue. These are designed with half and full sleeves, bold prints, quirky captions and many more styles. So, just explore the collection and go for the one that suits your personality and the occasion.


#7 Stripped Vests

If you're someone who prefers to set new trends, stripped vests can be perfect options. Among multiple designs of striped vests, black and white make an attractive colour combination. You can pair them with cargo pants or three fourth shorts or any kind of track pants to turn heads.


#8 Don't Forget to Accessorize

Finally, it's time to choose the perfect accessories because a simple vest can be too casual for a fashion-forward person. Moreover, when you're heading to a special occasion, pairing your vests with the right kind of accessories is a must. 


However, having said that, we don't want you to overdo the look by wearing some chunky pieces. Instead, look for the ones that suit your character and always wear one piece with each look. For example, if you're going to attend a beach party, a necklace or a cap is an ideal option. 


Or, if you're attending a formal occasion, a nice watch can make the look. If you're only a watch person who has a good collection, choosing the best ones for every look is the task that you'll love.


Now that you know how to step out in style this summer wearing cool and comfy vests, just go ahead and bring out the fashionista in you! You can follow the above tips or mix and match them as per your style and preference.


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