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Article: Summer Style 2022: Best Men’s Shirt To Kill The Heat

Summer Style 2022: Best Men’s Shirt To Kill The Heat

Summer Style 2022: Best Men’s Shirt To Kill The Heat

2022 started with a chilling start with summers knocking earlier than usual this year. If you are wondering how on earth you should dress up and not get drowned in your pool of sweat.

Don't worry we have put together looks that will make you look and feel cool this summer. Summer Wear for men has evolved over the years. Far from boring menswear is more liberating and emotive than ever before. 

Sweltering summers should be no reason to dress down. Up your style game with the pro tips from the runway experts.

We have got you show-stopper looks that shall help you break the ice right into the crowd. 

Right Fabric Does The Trick

Every fabric has its own weight and goes with certain seasons. Seasonal appropriate fabrics are the basics to nail the look.

Have you ever put on a November shirt and found your body dripping in sweat? That's because the fabric is meant to help trap in heat and keep you warm on those chilly nights while in summer it will just make you melt. 

While there are numerous fabrics and blends, when it comes to Men's summer shirts the list comes down to three major players. 


Cotton undoubtedly rules the summer wardrobe. The majority of your summer outfits have to be 100 percent cotton.

Cotton is extremely lightweight, breathable, and versatile. Thanks to a tighter weave pattern it has fewer wrinkles compared to linen. 


Linen is the second-best when it comes to summer wear. Linen is made of open weaves which allows more heat to escape and hence more prone to wrinkles.

There are fabric blends of cotton and linen to give you the best of both worlds too. However, when it comes to the fabric it's best to invest in quality as the cheaper ones tend to be stiffer and don't last long. 

Synthetic & Lightweights 

Fabric technology has vastly improved over the last decade. Today synthetics are made of natural byproducts making them more pleasurable to wear.

You will often find Tencel blended fabrics an excellent alternative as it has a cooler touch and wrinkle-resistant quality. 

Play With Summer Colors

Summer calls for lighter and brighter hues with patterns to raise the style quotient. You may as well go for a base color vest and then throw in a colorful shirt on it.

A white, light yellow, dull blue, and striped poplin or linen shirt shall have you set both work and party.  

Button-Down Shirts Are Your Best Bet

A lightweight chambray shirt is one of the most flattering ones that can add spark to your summer wardrobe. It's good to have linen or cotton in your collection when you want to move up the hierarchy at your workplace.

Even if your work is more on the casual side we recommend having a few in your wardrobe just to freshen things up. Swap your boring t-shirt with crisp linen unbutton the top-notch and you have yourself an instant upgrade.

The Italian way is the best when it comes to effortless dressing. It's a double foldover style that prevents it from coming undone. 

Another way to beat the heat is by ditching the extra fabric up to your sleeves. A breezy short sleeve shirt goes well with khaki or olive green work-appropriate chinos.

You may as well pair it up with gray or navy drawstring shorts to have a more laid-back look. A white cotton shirt and denim blue washed shorts are an all-time summer blockbuster look. 

If you want to stay away from the plains go for plaids. You can switch from casual to semi-formal just by putting on a plaid print.

Moreover it goes well with shorts, denims, chinos and almost every bottom wear. Soak up the sun in aubergines or mint-hued maximalist print or bold colors to beat the heat. 

We have decoded the trick to dress up stylishly in a comfortable ear and yet not feel boiling.

Summers is one of the few times when it's okay to loosen up a bit. There is nothing better than a nice flowing and breathable shirt to beat the heat.

Now stack your summer wardrobe before the scratching heat pulls a number on you. 

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