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Article: Men's Fashion Trend 2022: Sweat Jackets vs Blazers

Men's Fashion Trend 2022: Sweat Jackets vs Blazers

Men's Fashion Trend 2022: Sweat Jackets vs Blazers

Have you ever heard of the phrase: New Year Calls For a New You.

This year I chose to love myself above everything else. While muted tones, pastels, and minimalism were a major focus last year. 

However, the tables have begun to turn around. The less is more approach is no longer gonna get you our head turns and attention. We encourage you to draw winter inspiration from these trending styles and see what works best for you. 


Trends Creating Waves This Season 2022


Colours And Bold Prints

Inject some bright colours or eye-catching prints into your wardrobe this year. Striking blue, electric yellow and acid green hues are taking centre stage. Prints range from digital, floral to psychedelic swirls.


Retro Comeback

The ’90s are finding their way back into the fashion runway 2022. baseball caps, logo, leather and snapbacks are back this years. Sweatshirts with large logos are popping up everywhere on runways.


Things To Consider While Adding Layers To your Winter Style

Minimalism is a thing of the past except for the new year with maximalism. Maximalism is the exact opposite of minimalism. It means carrying every inch of your outfit in a bold way. 

This could mean head to toe in a single statement piece or repetitive pattern and grab on a bold jacket with prints, jacquard or bandana look. If you like it subtle then you may opt for a colour block. If prints or bold aren't your thing go for a casual look with sweatshirts adding a piece of stylish warmth to your outfit.

Designers are not shying away from a bit of a skin show this year. There is more emphasis on not just distressed jeans with rips and tears but cutoff sleeves are trending too. 

Show off your biceps with an all-white shirt, white distressed jeans and to bring it all together grab a colour pop blazer. Do any of these elements pique your interest in the fashion game? The winters are going to be all about blazers and seat jackets.

Find out below which one goes with your personality.                                  


Sweat Jackets Vs Blazers



 Wear a graphic tee with a blazer to add the edge. To round it up put on loose-fitting jeans and you will look like a bomb in no time.

One confined to the meetings blazers have grabbed a more versatile reputation as an elegant layer that can be effortlessly paired with a t-shirt and jeans or just switch to a formal look with a crisp shirt and narrow bottom trousers. Whether you are returning to the office or just want to up your fashion game jackets are your best bet. 



If you are a fan of comfort then this style suits you the best. When it comes to effortless dressing you can't beat the sweatshirts


While earth tones in sweatshirts are trending this season you may opt for dark hues of orange like neon orange or safety orange to stand out in the crowd. What can we say work leisure is here to stay.



A lot has changed over the year 2021 and that may probably include the way your clothes fit too. Revisit your current closet and do a quick try-on. Are they lose or tight? 


Not even the most expensive piece of fashion can look good if it's not the right size for you. Ill fitted clothes can never look good at any cost. Once you have the hang of the basics then you are unstoppable. 

If you are too overwhelmed go for one change at a time. Revamp your layering game with overshirts, sweatshirts or blazers. 


Classic leather jackets are another contender for men’s fashion that one can never go wrong within any year. Be it vintage black, rustic brown or classic white every leather in all three colours just instantly lifts up your fashion game. 


As we slowly but surely move on from the era of zoom meetings we finally have a reason to celebrate. 


2022 is all about trying new trends. The trend that you will say all over the internet this year is playful yet practical blazers and sweatshirts adding every bit of stardom to your everyday life.



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