Men’s Style: How To Nail The Dapper Dude Look

Fashion is no longer limited to the females on the planet. 

The last decade has seen significant growth in men's fashion too. 

It was in the past when men's fashion was monotonous and dull. The runway is no longer ruled by women

Men's ramp walk has piqued interest over the years with the audience circle increasing every year. 

Score full points for your dapper casual looks by playing around with textures.

Men Take Interest In The Trends As Much As Women Do

The secret to classy outfits is the confidence within you. One needs to be confident enough in their own style for others to perceive him as a trendsetter. 


Self-confidence defines who you are and how you carry your outfits. It is a crucial factor when it comes to scoring brownie points when interacting with women. 


Nail The Dapper Dude Look This Fall 

You have got a crush, a date, workmates, or clients to impress. With a little prep and plan, you can win the hearts and defy the norms of men dressed in monochrome. 


Putting a little effort into what you wear never hurts. It's best to explore fashion and dress your best to nail the dapper dude look. After all, you live only once so dress it up to perfection. 


We have listed our go-to options for men to dress the dapper look:


Whites Are Forever

No one is immune to the charm of the sharp classic white. The white shirts for men are undoubtedly show stoppers without the silver of a doubt. One can instantly establish the look by complementing it with basic blue denim or formal trousers. 


They make you look super suave and uber cool. Give a fashionable spin to your look by adding cufflinks, tie, bow, and super classy belt. You may as well dress down by wearing a shirt with denim and throw in super classy tan boots to complete the look.


Tan Is The New Black

Tan never goes out of style. It works for men on almost every occasion. Style tan bottoms with crisp linen or t-shirts either and it blends perfectly to give you the classy look.


Sleek Loafers

Loafers are the most stylish shoes of all time. It is the ultimate refined classic footwear for a range of occasions. 


Easily dress up or dress down your look as the staple loafers are here to stay. It delivers a minimalistic look that is easily adaptable for different seasons and looks. 


Jackets To Spice It Up

Jackets are the best asset when it comes to nail the dapper dude look. A well-cut blazer will not only give you a crisp look but also help you disguise the gut visually, cutting the upper body in two-thirds to give a narrow look. 


The Don'ts

● Skip the baggy ill-fitted pants. It may be tempting to hide a bit of excess fat by wearing loose bottoms. Instead, go for well-tailored chinos or trousers that can help you look thinner. 


● Avoid tight t-shirts that hang close to your chest. Instead, go for a regular fit that lines up with your shoulders. It should have a straight line all the way around the belly area allowing breathable space. 


● Avoid fabrics that have a tendency to stretch. They tend to cling and grab around your waist making the wee fit of fat visible right in front of your eyes. Instead, opt for fabrics with some texture or weight i.e woven or heavier cotton that gives you a flattering look. 


● Avoid horizontal stripes or bigger prints. Rather go for smaller prints or vertical stripes for a visual effect camouflaging excess fat around the midsection. 


Modern Minimalistic Yet Chic Look 

A Dapper man's wardrobe should have everything that he can pull off with minimum effort and maximum style. 


Add a linen small polka dot semi-formal shirt and pair it up with beige, burgundy, or navy chinos. Complete the look with a leather strap watch with a huge dial and tan loafers. 


You may as well opt for a basic t-shirt teamed up with ripped denim and canvas sneakers for a cool casual look. 


Donning well-tailored Bermuda shorts with a polo t-shirt and chunk sneakers is a great way to dress up for brunch.